Inspirational Speaking-- I have motivational talks for all sorts of events and ages. I love helping others make a flight plan for their lives. Let's inspire more kids to take on a challenge -- the journey is so empowering. I had no idea I'd end up a pilot. It wasn't even on my radar when I was a … [Read more...]

I Still Don’t Know Who Dun It!

I'm going to admit a dirty, little secret a writer should never tell! It will explain why I’m passionate about promoting literacy, which means showing kids that reading can be fun. But first, why do we even care about reading? I have two burning reasons. Number 1, these statistics speak of great … [Read more...]

What young kids have in common with college students

"Hi, I love you!" I'm posting these photos because I'd like to share these kids. They are worth everything. Trying to encourage them to have hope for their future in dark times, seeing their smiles, telling them they can be pilots or whatever they want... But there's something more than that. I … [Read more...]

Fearless FlyGirl Emilie Christine

Fearless FlyGirl Emilie Christine was hooked on flying after her intro flight. With a love for learning, what a better way to challenge herself than the feat of mastering the skies? Now she knows the empowering feeling of being Pilot-In-Command as well as the joy of creating new pilots … [Read more...]

Fearless FlyGirl — Rohaise Firth-Butterfield

Rohaise Firth-Butterfield is quite an inspiration. Her enthusiasm for flying is infectious and her record is impressive already -- This FlyGirl earned her flight instructor certificate after only 2 months training! I whole-heartedly agree with her last statement. In fact, it's one of the reasons I … [Read more...]


Click here for reactions from kids on YouTube. … [Read more...]