FlyGirl Angelina Jolie

The most fascinating aspect of Angelina Jolie is she’s a pilot. She went through all the training and hard work to become not just a private pilot but an instrument-rated pilot. Only half of pilots subject themselves to learning this advanced skill. The reason she did it is even more … [Read more...]

Students Review Circle

7th Graders react to the novel. … [Read more...]


I wouldn’t want to admit how many times I was terrified in the sky when I was a new pilot. I still can’t read some of the scenes in Flygirl. Not that those misadventures happen to me -- some happened to people I know. But when I read them, I get scared for Jill. She really knows how to get herself … [Read more...]

Plane Heroes, a Preview of Disney’s “Planes 2: Fire & Rescue”

A Disney movie gave me a renewed appreciation for my brother. I had the pleasure of seeing the movie “Planes 2: Fire & Rescue” preview on aviation press day. It was fantastic! The tagline is so precious and makes me a little teary: “When others fly out, heroes fly in.” It’s especially touching … [Read more...]

Fearless FlyGirls, the blog

Fearless FlyGirl Heather Obernolte I love this next story. It’s so much fun that a woman was required to become a pilot in order to be an eligible bride. Heather Obernolte found out from a friend that her boyfriend wasn’t going to propose to her until she learned to fly. She had to meet the … [Read more...]

Wrestle the Wind

From reading accident reports, I’d say people don’t know how to use the rudder. Lots of accidents occur from loss of control on the runway. It’s an important time to be alert and not let the wind push you around. When you’re in moderate or severe turbulence, training manuals tell you to leave a … [Read more...]