Celebs in the Sky

I love celebrity pilots because they give a face to aviation. I respect anyone who can go through the hard work of becoming a pilot but especially those who have so much of the world at their fingertips. There is no shortcut to becoming a pilot. Not for anyone. We all have to learn the same … [Read more...]

Fearless FlyGirls and Others

The story of FlyGirl is fiction but the theme is personal to me -- that when you feel impatient in making your dream come true, it really is a lack of faith in yourself that you’re feeling. Those that know they can make their dreams happen enjoy the journey of the unfolding. The longing for the … [Read more...]

Limiting Risk

When you take shortcuts or are in a hurry, flying can be dangerous, but here's one risk you can limit. When you read the book FlyGirl, you might have thought, "How stupid!" But guess what: many pilots – most of them are licensed pilots – ran their planes out of gas and crashed. How do you explain … [Read more...]

Sky Support

Warning: Spoiler Alert for the book FlyGirl. FlyGirl Jill may not be perfect, but she makes me cry -- at the end, when everyone’s on the flightline, the voices on the radio, and all the support -- that’s real. It’s a beautiful memory. I get teary remembering the voices on the radio saying, “To … [Read more...]

Safety in the Skies?

My father flew for 55 years without any accidents. He even survived the beginning of jet aviation, when the DOD (Dept. of Defense) rushed to bring B-66s on the line but didn’t have enough engines so they used 5-hour missile engines in them. Maintenance was a constant challenge and everyone was still … [Read more...]