ETET – Those for the Ethical Treatment of Extra-Terrestrials

Do you care about the Ethical Treatment of Extra-Terrestrials?

The founders of ETET want it made known that there are those on Earth who deeply care about how those from other planets are treated.

We want it known that not all aliens who are discovered on Earth are dissected and scrutinized against their wills.

Members of ETET make sure there are safe havens for Extra-Terrestrials all over the world to make contact with humans on Earth. We provide friendship, cultural understanding and hiding accommodations, if necessary.

We realize that aliens are people too (usually) and they have rights. The most important of these is the right to co-exist without being experimented on, locked up, trapped or tricked.

The founders of ETET greatly appreciate the contact and information that our alliance has brought. We have learned a lot from each other and hope that some day the world will accept ETs for who they are and respect their rights.

If you agree with these goals and want to join ETET, you may ask for permission here. If you are accepted into the secret society, instructions will be sent to your email directly. Please be very careful with these instructions – don’t let anyone else see them unless you know you can trust them completely. If you’d like to volunteer safe haven for ETs, please let us know.

Remember: some ET’s life might depend on you!