Blue skies are the limit

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 5:00 am By STEPHANIE THOTH Reporter

     Whether to experience the rush of having a little wind beneath your wings or just to impress a high school crush, everyone’s reason for becoming a pilot is unique. For Syd Blue, it was the need to impress herself.

     “I felt like I needed to boost my self esteem,” Blue said. “I took on the challenge to become a pilot and it worked.”

     Blue began her love affair with the sky as a teenager. She took her first flying lesson on her 14 birthday. Now, Blue has bragging rights as a commercial pilot.

Author Syd Blue doesn’t just write about flying, she is a true “flygirl” with a license to take to the skies.

     Moving to Big Bear Valley in 2002, Blue met her future husband Daniel Morello. Morello was already established in the Valley with his mobile massage business.

     With few jobs to choose from and not wanting to move Morello from his home, Blue realized she would need to either commute or start her own business. In a sense, she did both.

     Blue took over an aviation business providing aerial surveillance and has since expanded the business five-fold, she said. Blue’s business now covers the entire southwest.

     But with all the air time, Blue was finding little time to enjoy her other love – writing. Blue hired additional pilots to assist with the workload and “FlyGirl” was born.

     Already a seasoned writer  for TV stations, production companies, book publishers, national magazines and more, Blue’s first novel “FlyGirl” hit the shelves Dec. 1. The publication is geared toward the younger generation.

     “I hope the book interests teens in flying,” Blue said. “It’s got a good message about believing in yourself.” That’s a message Blue got when she learned to fly.

     In “FlyGirl,” sophomore Jill Townsend hears her crush, senior Robbie Magnor, say he’s attracted to girls who know how to fly. Jill takes to the skies and learns to fly by the seat of her pants.

     When Jill’s adventure to impress the boy of her dreams inadvertently unfolds into terror, she must become the pilot in command of her life.

     “Even though my hope with the book ‘FlyGirl’ is to interest more kids in flying, I also want to encourage everyone to live their dreams, whatever those dreams are,” Blue said.

     Blue’s next novel entitled “Circle” is set to release in March 2013. “Circle” is an action story geared toward young adult males. Although “Circle” will include flying, it isn’t about flying, Blue  said.

     To see a video trailer for “FlyGirl,” go online to The trailer features the acting talents of Big Bear High School students Quincie Maltbie and William Bongiovanni.

     “FlyGirl” is available for purchase at

     To learn more about Blue and to find resources on how to become a pilot, visit Blue’s website