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The 1st Sci-Lit program — combines science and literacy!
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Would you like your students to engage easily in reading STEM material that combines literacy with science? With this new cutting-edge curriculum, get kids excited about STEM! And satisfy your Common Core requirements!


Check out this new combo of action-packed novel with science extensions.


We have a novel that middle schoolers actually LOVE to read and teachers appreciate the easy discussion starters in science. In the backdrop of chasing drones, attack helicopters and fighter jets, the gripping, nonstop adventure captivates even the most reticent student. All types love this book.


Tracy Tokunaga helped develop the course because her students didn’t want to stop reading Circle, and the intro to genetic engineering, aviation, astronomy and earth-science fascinated them. Several classes have finished the curriculum and as a result, many have rocketed into a STEM path. The fun projects created with a Common Core basis will even intrigue you. See what students are saying about Circle below. (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

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One of the BEST BOOKS I’ve EVER READ! J. Warren
My 11 year old daughter read the book in just a few days and said it was one of the BEST BOOKS she’s EVER read! (She also loved all the Lord of the Rings books, as well as all the Series of Unfortunate Events).

WOW! Blew me away!! T. Devito
Reading Circle brought me back to my childhood! It was wonderful. I didn’t want to put it down. Normally I’m very analytical and rational, but Syd brought me back to a world of possibility, idealism, and excitement! … (Read more on

T. Heany
This book is a lot of fun. It is aimed at the teen-age crowd without being puerile. It is action packed without being melodramatic. The book starts off with a very fast plot and grows more suspenseful as the book progresses. It’s a great read.

14-year-old Austin S.’s Mom wrote that, “Austin declared Circle his favorite book of all time — even better than Twilight.”

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Don’t worry — It’s “clean” – G-rated.

The curriculum offers a diverse set of materials including project-based learning, reading comprehension, vocabulary, performance task expository, ELA innovation projects, Outline for Ideas for Exploring, bibliography, supporting articles, and more.

For samples of the innovation projects, performance tasks, outline for ideas of exploring, supporting articles/videos, reading strategies, project-based extensions, etc., please contact us.

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5 reviews for STEM

  1. Clockworks Village

    What a sweet little book! I purchased a used copy after I met the author, Syd Blue, at an author’s event we were both attending. It didn’t seem like *my* type of story, but I teach 7th grade Language Arts, and next quarter we are hosting “STEAM Wars” (STEAM = Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). I decided to finally sit down and read Circle to see if it might connect with the STEAM curriculum. And BOY DOES IT EVER. I was really impressed how Syd’s knowledge of aircrafts, genetics, and environmental issues shined through in the progression of a fun adventure story.

    My favorite part of the novel is the character, Mandy (full name Mandala), the visiting alien. She is adorable. Being the only child on planet Circle, she wears her heart on her sleeve and instantly trusts everyone. Her everyday greeting of “Hi, I love you” made me giggle every single time, not to mention her other nuances, like throwing the dishes out in the backyard, or saying things like “I like this planet, I haven’t been murdered once!” I also loved reading about the planet Circle. It was intriguing to imagine a planet that biodegrades organic items super-fast, and the challenges of living in such a place. I also enjoyed imagining the inhabitants of Circle napping on banana hammocks, eating from disposable bone plates, and wearing fingernail-shoes. Syd does a great job of conceptualizing an extraordinary planet without falling back on cliches.

    Oh, and the very last line of chapter 31 made me sob like a baby.

    My only critique (and this is totally a personal preference thing) is that the novel had an Avatar-vibe that I’m simply growing weary of in books/movies. Thank goodness for the character Angela–she was the one voice in the book that cared deeply about the environment in a way that didn’t villain-ize the human species.

    This was a very slight blip in an overly awesome radar though, and I look forward to reading this book with my seventh graders.

  2. Northridge, Nobel MS

    I’m halfway through the book…I know the kids will LOVE it so far!! I just downloaded the curriculum, and I can’t wait. The theme in my class for the year is …Human Impact on the Environment for the 1st semester and Human Impact on Society and Relationships in the 2nd semester…so it totally fits in…CAN’T WAIT!!! I’m excited to read it and fit it in to my curriculum, Teri

  3. Mena, Science Specialist FUSD

    Syd Blue does an amazing job of integrating real world issues into a beautiful story that captivates today’s teens. The creative use of storytelling will open up the world of Earth Space Science -Environmental Science and Genetic Engineering to future generations. A great novel for Jr. High School students.

  4. Jen, Hesperia USD

    I personally, think this book is fantastic and there are a lot of projects and interactive lessons that can come from the readings. Now, when we are finished for the day the students moan and want to read more. The book inspired us to do a multi classroom project where we had other classes come visit us during our Amazing Race week a couple weeks ago. Groups of students created something that flew by using recyclable materials (2-liter bottles, water bottles, cardboard, paper, etc). Each group had 5 min to create this flying object and take them outside to see how far they could fly (with the idea of getting the flying object back to Circle). It was very interactive, hands on, and was a hit by many students.

  5. Susi Payne, SPED teacher

    Students have shown great enthusiasm towards the book itself and the curriculum. It has helped keep them engaged and eager to continue reading.
    The curriculum helps the students engage in discussions involving our environment and they have shown interest in how and what things biodegrade. The vocabulary at the beginning of each chapter has improved students’ comprehension.

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