About Syd Blue

Syd keynotes Adelanto School District STEM event.

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Syd wrote, edited and produced for everything from TV stations to production companies, from book publishers to national magazines. She has had over 40 articles published and screenplays optioned, and supervised writing staffs around the world at magazines and news services. She also produced an award-winning documentary, TV shows, commercials and short films.

Syd keynotes the San Bernardino State University & SBV College STEM event.

As Chief Pilot running an aviation business specializing in aerial surveillance, she has seen the expansive view from above throughout the Southwest. Home base is a cabin in the woods with her knight-in-shining-armor and precious hissing-fire cat-beasts (all of whom hate flying).
Syd speaks at schools, airshows and events to encourage kids to take on a challenge like flying because of how soaring can change your life.

With motivational talks for all sorts of events and ages, I love helping others make a flight plan for their lives. Let’s inspire more kids to take on a challenge — the journey is so empowering. I had no idea I’d end up a pilot. It wasn’t even on my radar when I was a kid. The unusual route my life took surprised me.
As an English major, I had no idea I’d later take a STEM path. (STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.) But going STEM changed my life in incredible ways.
Now I want to inspire kids to take flight in their lives
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In one of my STEM speeches “You Are at the Controls of Your Flight Plan,” I present 3 great reasons to go into a STEM field, 3 myths that may keep us out of it and what I think STEM really stands for. Rich with ample flying experiences and metaphors, students feel empowered to try out their own wings.
You may know that women in STEM fields make 33% more than other fields but women are often underrepresented in these fields, holding less than 25% of the jobs. There are specific reasons for this and ways to change the trend so that women can participate more in these awesome careers. STEMers are the creators of the world! (Engineering, biotech, etc.) Let’s embolden more girls, especially, to go for it.

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