Why Fly?

Let me tell you why I’m a cheerleader for flying.
When I’m up in the sky, I see wide open. Nearly boundless freedom,
vertically and on the horizon.

Shapeless infinity, undefined, a clean slate filling our imaginations
with the possibilities of the unknown. So many hues of blue.
You can’t know all the colors.

And then, there’s the world below. It’s never looked so clear.
Peeking down at houses, busy roads, busy people, living together on one big globe.

The wind itself becomes a playmate. I wrestle. I kick against.
A gust on landing when I am slow and easy? I’ll kick back. I’ll bite.
I’ll make it the right way again.

I play in the thermals like a bird, letting the air mass have its way with me.
The wind under and over my wings pushing me around.
I go with the flow or I fight against. Pushing the prop to win.

The sky is my home.
Every price I paid to get here was worth it.
It’s amazing to be here. The journey to reach it was mind-blowing fun and even sometimes excruciatingly hard.
The challenge makes it fun.
Overpowering fears to be set free into the land of infinite possibilities – the sky.

This is why I fly.
It’s awesome to be a pilot!

The 3 reasons you might consider flying for a living:

1.  Do what you love. You hear successful people say this all the time. It’s the secret to success. There are many choices for your life. Why not do what you love? What calls you? What makes you smile?
If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, find out. Take a demonstration flight, for example. You have a whole world to explore.

2. It’s fun. If you love your job, it’s not hard to go to work. Having a cockpit for your office with a view of the skies and the world below is awesome. Of course there are many people who want to fly: it’s fun!

3. It pays well, after you pay your dues.

It takes a while to build up experience as a pilot. You have to prove yourself to be a safe and reliable pilot before you can make the big bucks. There’s an apprenticeship period – think of it as paid training. You don’t get paid well while you are a newbie, just starting. For all the pay rates at the different levels (compiled in 2008), see the DVD. If you stick with it, persistence in this field can pay off.

In 2007, Forbes reported that airline pilots are the #14 best paying job in the U.S. The only other professions in the top 14 are medical and CEO. Pilots beat out lawyers! If you’re going to have a career on the level of being a doctor, you need all the info you can get. The beginning period of this career can be tough, so it’s better to choose this career if you are passionate about flying. The money will come later. The passion and excitement can start on day one. If you make a flight plan for your life, you can weather the beginnings.

Again, I compiled the answers to the questions people were sending me in a DVD. It’s easier to say it once that over and over again.
I hope to see you up in the skies.

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