Fearless FlyGirls and Others

The story of FlyGirl is fiction but the theme is personal to me — that when you feel impatient in making your dream come true, it really is a lack of faith in yourself that you’re feeling. Those that know they can make their dreams happen enjoy the journey of the unfolding. The longing for the dream doesn’t hurt them like it hurts those who don’t have hope in making it a reality. You have to have faith in yourself and know that you can get there someday.

I became a pilot because I knew I lacked the self-esteem to make my dreams come true. Writing takes a strong confidence – to put yourself out there, to have a voice, to be heard and then to be critiqued. I wanted to write because I’m always hearing stories and characters in my head. Story gives life meaning. I love to hear the stories of people’s lives and I love to tell them. Since my 1st book at age 9, I’ve been scratching ideas on scraps of paper. I often don’t hear my husband because the characters are talking in my head. I have to ask him to wait a minute until I get it down on paper.

I love stories and imaginary worlds. But in order to put forth stories, I had to reinforce my crippled self-esteem. I heard flying changes you. So I set out to conquer the yoke and, like Jill, become Pilot In Command of my life. I can’t say that I succeeded at girding up my self-esteem enough to venture into the publishing world fearlessly – it took me a long time to even step up to the plate — but I use Jill’s story as my guiding light. She didn’t stop at anything. I cling to her courage as an example of how to keep going even when it’s tough. But there are plenty of real people I also use as examples of strength and courage.

It doesn’t matter how scared you are. Push through the fears. Like these mighty women:

Megan Varley, going up against her own fears to represent women in the fighter pilot world

Margaret Watt, showing women can drive buses, too — airbuses

Nicole Malchowski, the 1st female Thunderbird pilot

Angelina Jolie, the only famous female celebrity to accomplish her license

For more stories on Fearless FlyGirls, see SydBlue.com/FearlessFlyGirls or read about FlyGirl’s journey.


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