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Warning: Spoiler Alert for the book FlyGirl.

FlyGirl Jill may not be perfect, but she makes me cry — at the end, when everyone’s on the flightline, the voices on the radio, and all the support — that’s real. It’s a beautiful memory. I get teary remembering the voices on the radio saying, “To the solo pilot, good luck.” Others in the sky and on the sidelines wished me good luck the day I soloed. What a rite of passage. What a shared moment. I’m so grateful for all the support. It’s wonderful to belong to such a good group of people.

My most cherished trophy (God knows I have none in sports!) is the one my husband made for me. It says, “Pilot Syd Blue ‘FlyGirl’ Your strength and intention create daily accomplishments” with the date I became a licensed pilot. My kind husband has always been so supportive, even though flying’s not his thing. He prefers bouncing around on the terra firma in motorcycles, ATVs, snowboards, etc. He was offered flying lessons and turned them down. So, his support didn’t come from a love of flying. He’s just a nice guy. I’m lucky.

I know there are many of you who lack a supportive network. Kids from all over the world have emailed me saying, “I want to learn to fly but my parents say I’m too dumb” and “I want to fly but no one thinks I can do it.” My heart goes out to them. (There is a lot of self-esteem issues wrapped up in flying. See my blog: Fearless FlyGirls and Others.)

If there’s no one who can support your dreams, look a little farther to find it. There are many organizations that can support you. AOPA and WAI (Women In Aviation International) have mentor programs, for example. Pilots love to share their joy of flying. There are so many who want to help you. If flying is something you have a passion for, it’s worth checking out. For more info, see Learn to Fly.

FlyGirl Jill has trouble without support. It’s hard going. Everyone needs a cheerleader egging them on, helping them get through the rough spots. When obstacles arise, it takes strength to meet the challenge and support helps enormously. Sometimes you have to teach those around you how to support you. Sometimes it’s the passion of a dream that carries them beyond their own beliefs and into an understanding of what you know is right for you.

What is your dream? Share it here and we will support you.

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